Jagoda Wichurska


Jagoda Wichurska

Jagoda first started dance classes when she was only four years old studying many different dance styles such as ballet, and polish folk dance. Jagoda went on to spend 7 years dancing and touring with Polish Song And Dance Ansamble 'Czestochowa'. In that time, Jagoda has also danced the more contemporary styles such as hip hop and salsa, but then, in 2004 she discovered Irish Dance and completely fell in love!

  • Jagoda decided to start learning the style and participated in dance workshops in Cracov. Jagoda's teachers were some of the leading dancers in Lord of the dance which helped to continue her passion for the dance.
  • In 2005, Jagoda set up her very own Irish dance group in Poland called 'Tir na nÓg'. The group took part in many different shows and performances. Jagoda's choreography wowed audiences in Czestochowa.
  • Jagoda then went onto gain her dance teaching qualifications completing a 2 year course in Cracov.
  • When Jagoda moved to the UK she met Angela who then became her 'Teacher, Idol and Inspiration'. Whilst training with Angela, Jagoda competed in feiseanna at Open level.
  • Jagoda has since performed in many professional shows including in the 2010 'Stage Fire' production in Poland which was performed with a cast of over 50 people. She has also travelled worldwide performing in shows with our own dance troupe 'Aingeal' including shows in Portugal and Ireland.

Jagoda is now a teaching assistant within the Academy and is delighted to pass down her skill, dedication and love for the dance.

'What I like about Irish Dancing is the combination of music and the unique energy you share with the audience when you perform'.