Code of Conduct

Dance Classes Code of Conduct

(The following code of conduct has been written by our dancers, based on how they would like to be treated and how they wish to treat others.)

  • We will support our fellow dancers at all times. We will be happy and proud of them when they succeed.
  • We will always treat others how we want to be treated
  • NEVER talk negatively about other dancers at any classes or at a feis/ competition. (All dancers deserve the same respect).
  • ABSOLUTELY NO form of bullying will be tolerated within the Academy this includes: talking negatively behind someone's back/ to their face or through internet or phone contact. An coimisiun operates a strict anti-bullying policy which supports its dancers and also its teachers/ adjudicators. Anyone found breaching this policy will be asked to leave the academy.
  • We will not talk about our teachers in a negative manner/ question their decisions (if we have constructive feedback to give them this can either be emailed by parents or put into the suggestion box by dancers.)
  • We will always respect our teachers.
  • We will not show off or boast to other dancers, we are all equal.
  • When we are at a feis we understand that we are representing 'O'Connor Academy' and the way we act is a reflection of what the Academy promote.
  • We understand that the adjudicator's decision is final.
  • At feiseanna WE WILL congratulate our fellow competitors and thank our teachers for their support!


  • To practise all dances & techniques that I am taught in between classes
  • To be sure of all my steps before entering a feis and understand if I do not practise our teachers may withdraw me from entering the feis.
  • I will always be respectful to fellow dancers and teachers
  • I promise to always promote positivity not negativity